The Eternals : Angelina Jolie cast in the Marvel movie ?

Actress Angelina Jolie is in negotiations to join the cast of Marvel’s “The Eternals”, centered on the beings, quasi-immortals who are the product of genetic experiments. Paramount Pictures France Angelina Jolie in the Marvel universe ? It is a possibility since the Hollywood Reporter announces that the old Lara Croft is entered in negotiations to portray one of the roles of the film, The Eternals planned for Phase 4. The role of the actress or the name of his character are currently unknown, and Marvel has not responded to the solicitation of the american media. The Eternals are a species so powerful in the Marvel universe. Their body, part composed of cosmic energy, makes them almost immortal. They are the result of genetic experimentation practiced by the Celestial, who are also the creators of the Skrulls seen in Captain Marvel. Written by cousins Matthew and Ryan Firpo, the scenario would be about the love story between Ikaris who wishes to stay in the cosmos and Sersi, who prefers to attend the human. If this is confirmed, Ikaris is a hero well known to fans of Marvel as it is the “First Lord”. As such, he is able to use the blue Flame, which allows People to create the Great Spirit, an entity more powerful, combining the powers of Eternals that are involved in its invocation. We may compare this “fusion” of those occurring in some Super Sentai japanese Power Rangers. About Sylvia Sersi, she is more adept at social gatherings and in combat. One thing is certain : the film will be directed by Chloé Zhao, director, outcome of the independent cinema known for The Songs that my brothers have learned, and the magnificent of The Rider, award-winning in Cannes and Deauville.