Trailer Captive State : the resistance organizes itself in the face of the aliens in this thriller SF

Check out the trailer for “Captive State”, an action thriller SF, directed by Rupert Wyatt (“The Planet of the apes : the origins”) in which the alien invaders and rebels clash. To see it in cinemas on 3 April. The plot of Captive State is located in Chicago, nearly 10 years after an alien invasion, which opposes the employees who have sworn allegiance to the invaders and rebels in the fight in the underground total. If the teaser was mainly focused on a propaganda campaign in honor of a certain “legislature” that would have solved the ills of society, this trailer tells us more about the frame of the film, namely the insurgency that emerges. It follows the young Gabriel, who is arrested and is to face a choice : to join the ranks of the employees or to play a decisive role in the revolt. Brave and determined, Gabriel intends to do well in the face of the invader. For this, he participates in the organization of an uprising aiming to topple this totalitarian society. Metropolitan FilmExport John Goodman and Ashton Sanders in The orders of this ambitious action thriller that takes place in a universe dystopian, we find the British Rupert Wyatt, to whom we owe the blockbuster The Planet of the apes : the origins, but also the lesser known thriller The Gambler, led by a Mark Wahlberg unrecognizable. The director has also written the scenario of a Captive State with his girlfriend, Erica Beeney. Ashton Sanders, who had been noticed via the oscar-winning Moonlight in the skin of the main protagonist when he is a teenager, embodies the hero Gabriel. He also played a young Denzel Washington takes under his wing in Equalizer 2 out recently. The cast of Captive State, it is accompanied by the actors confirmed John Goodman (who has already had his dose of aliens in 10 Cloverfield Lane and Valeriana and the City of ten thousand planets) who portrays a character pretending to be with the employees, and Vera Farmiga who is on the side of the resistance. Captive State will be released on April 3, in the French theatres.

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