A trailer with epilepsy for Love, Death + Robots, the series from David Fincher and Tim Miller for Netflix

March 15th, Netflix will unveil the fruit of his collaboration with David Fincher and Tim Miller, 18 short animation for adults gathered in a series of anthological soberly titled Love Death + Robots. “The trailer that follows is reserved for a public twisted”. Netflix sets the tone with this promo video of Love Death + Robots, the animated series conceived by the filmmakers David Fincher (The Social Netflix) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) to the streaming platform, – which here is the synopsis official : “a yogurt may, soldiers, wolf-beasts, robots, rampaging monsters-bins, bounty hunters, cyborgs, spiders, aliens and demons from hell blood thirsty : all this beautiful world is brought together in 18 short of animation are not recommended for sensitive souls”. A rich programme of how The Animatrix, the picture of this trailer with epilepsy that may give you a good evil skull. If you don’t know what to speak exactly these 18 stories, we know that they will cover various themes such as racism, free will, and topics that the SF like to treat. Each episode of Love Death + Robots, which vary in length from 5 to 15 min, is distinguished by its animation technique. Specialists from around the world have participated in this particular project. Netflix Love Death + Robots is to be enjoyed as early as march 15 on Netflix.