This Is Us : the creator of the series, tease the end of season 3 and season 4

While the last episode of season 3 will be released next week on NBC, the creator of “This Is Us” Dan Fogelman, with his cast, gave some information rather enticing, on the result of the series during PaleyFest on… NBC HAS the occasion of the end of season 3, which will be released next week on NBC, the creator of This Is Us Dan Fogelman and a large part of the casting are mounted on the stage Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, during a special panel of the PaleyFest dedicated to the series. Very excited, and they have benefited from it according to the website Deadline, to discuss the aftermath of the events, and to give some information about the 18th episode (“Her”), as well as on the season 4. “Obviously, there will be much question of Randall and Beth,” said Dan Fogelman, speaking of the episode of the end of the season. A detail which fans could guess quite easily, given the tensions at the moment between the couple. The creator of the series has also specified that the last 5 minutes of this episode 18 is set to be particularly intense, as had been the case during the first two seasons. “You’re going to get a lot of answers,” he also promised his fans, approved by stakeholders, before briefly discussing the fourth chapter of This Is Us , which seems to excite just as much as the memorable series driver : “It’s going to be really good. The world will develop in a very interesting way. One of the projects.” Waiting for next week to watch it on NBC the final episode of season 3, and (re)discover the teaser of episode 17… This Is Us) – season 3 – episode 17 Teaser VO